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Roots of Homeseed

Jun 13, 2016

Like most people working in the home lending industry, I never thought I’d make my career in the mortgage business.  When you are a kid, becoming a mortgage professional is just not something you dream of becoming, or even know exists.   Personally my passions were full-heartily directed towards the baseball diamond and football field.  These two sports satisfied my thirst for competition, brotherhood, and opportunity to excel and be recognized for my talents, hard work and tenacity.   At the time, it seemed as if it was the best and only path life had to offer.  Eventually my athletic career came to an end just as I was beginning the great unknown (otherwise known as your early twenties).  Back from college and needing a job, I applied for a barista position at a local café.  Delivering customers their specific cup of daily indulgence brought a smile to their faces and to mine.

One day six months into the job, one of the café’s regulars offered me a job to become a marketing assistant on his top producing lending team at HomeStone Mortgage (later known as Cobalt Mortgage).  Little did I know at the time, I had just been introduced to my new sport, and it was called the mortgage industry.   This was back in 2006 and at the height of the mortgage boom.  Fortunately for me, I was mentored by someone who built his business on ethical lending practices and doing business the right way.  Here is where I saw the opportunity of implementing technology that could provide clients a better customer experience.

After a couple years I transitioned into a loan coordinating role for another top producing team at Cobalt Mortgage.  Here I was lucky enough to work for someone who always put her client’s best interest above anything else, and was driven by the impact her home lending services had on the lives of her clients.  It was something I always admired and brought with me into my business when I made the leap into loan origination at the age of 23.  With no book of business and no firsthand origination experience, I felt that if I was going to ask for business from clients or referral partners, I have to  deliver exceptional value to them.  To do that I drastically customized our company’s CRM and developed my own sales tools and marketing presentations.  This caught the eye of the owners of the company and they offered me the opportunity to take over marketing for the entire company.  With a young family and fears of rising interests rates on the horizon, I decided to take that ticket and jump into the corporate side of the business.  Serving as Marketing Manager was a fantastic experience.  Among many things, it taught me how fun and important it is to build a team of talented professionals who are focused on accomplishing the same goals.

Passionate and hungry to make a larger impact, I joined Axia Financial in late 2011.  At the time, Axia was a newer company transitioning from an independent branch model to more of a retail branch model and looking for a bit of a spark.   Over the next four and a half years, alongside the CEO, my talented team members and other key sales leaders, we built one of the industry’s most robust production platforms that contributed to the company going from funding $390 million in 2011 to $1 billion in 2015.  I most recently served Axia as SVP of Business Development where I led the Marketing, Sales Technology, Sales Development and Direct Consumer teams. It was a great experience which propelled my dreams and ambitions of creating a mortgage business that would deliver clients an empowering home lending experience unlike any other.

Looking back it’s easy to see how each experience and key individual impacted my professional development and laid the groundwork for the start of Homeseed.  I’m grateful for these people and for this opportunity God has given me to help people in our community obtain “home” for themselves and their families.

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