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STEP 1 - Connect

Pre-Approval Web-Form
Answer the following questions about your purchase scenario and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to get you Homeseed Certified.

Where are you looking to buy?
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How much do you have for a down payment?
What is your total monthly mortgage budget?
What is your annual income?
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What is your monthly debt?
What is your combined monthly debt?
What is the lower credit score between you and your co-borrower?
What is your credit score?
Have you had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale in the past 7 years?
Have you or your co-borrower had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale in the past 7 years?
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Who were you referred by?
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Knowledge is power.

We aim to quickly equip our clients with the information they need to make a smart home buying decision.  Once you complete the purchase web-form above, a Homeseed Advisor will reach out to you with your personalized Homeseed Buyer Profile.  This analysis details out your current eligibility based on the information you supplied.  We will also answer any of your questions, discuss next steps, and form a game plan that best suits your personal scenario and financial goals.

Who are Homeseed Advisors?

  • State & nationally licensed mortgage professionals
  • Experienced with over ten years in the mortgage industry
  • Incentivized to always put your best interest first (based on client satisfaction gathered by customer surveys)
  • Your trusted partner throughout the entire loan process

STEP 2 - Apply

Time to verify your eligibilty.

Applying online for pre-approval should take approximately 20 minutes. You will be asked to provide income, asset, and contact information. The Homeseed Team will always be there to guide you, should you have any questions before or during the process. Simply contact us via phone or live-chat.

What to expect after applying?

  • Your advisor will pull your credit and send you a personalized checklist of the documents we need to collect from you in order to verify the information provided on your application.
  • To plan ahead, review the prepare section to view a checklist of the most common asked for documents.
  • Once you’ve gathered your documents, you can e-mail them directly to your Homeseed Advisor or upload them through a secure portal.

STEP 3 - Certify

Now you are ready to buy.

After applying online, pulling your credit, and reviewing your documents, we will be able to confirm your eligibility for future mortgage financing. Once certified, we will issue you an electronic copy of your Homeseed Pre-Approval Letter, formalizing that you are eligible to purchase a home up to a specific purchase price.  Now you can home shop with confidence!

Why get certified?

  • It confirms up to what purchase price you can receive future mortgage financing
  • By doing the loan prep upfront, you will be able to close quickly, which sellers love
  • It allows you time to catch and fix any items on your application that will take time to resolve (i.e. a misreported credit item)
  • In a hot housing market, houses go quick and you typically need to be prepared with your mortgage financing for sellers to accept your offer

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