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Eliminate the Early Unknowns of Home Buying

by | Jan 11, 2018

When people begin the home buying process, they quickly fill their heads with questions about their own financial eligibility and what their potential mortgage situation would look like. “Can I even buy the house I want?” “Beyond principal and interest, what are the other monthly payments I should consider?” “What is the max home price I can afford?” “How does my credit impact how much I can qualify for?” “Beyond the down payment, how much money do I need to save in order to buy a home?” “What purchase price will keep my total monthly payments under my budget of $2,800?” To combat these unknowns, most buyers go to the internet to run mortgage calculations and self-educate themselves on everything related to “pre-approval”.  Unfortunately, these efforts often times produce the same jumbled mental state as when people go online to self-diagnose a harmless leg rash that they got on their family’s annual camping trip.  After reading worse case scenarios and looking at few a disturbing pictures, the outcome is always more concerns than answers.  They find themselves thinking they will need to get their leg amputated if they visit a doctor. This exaggerated analogy helps illustrate why potential home buyers wait until the last possible moment to consult with a mortgage lender on their situation.  All the unknowns can be overwhelming and it’s only when the pain is so great, or the need in this case, that buyers decide to consult with a loan advisor.  Then, when they do, they can only hope to be working with a trustworthy loan advisor that will accurately answer the plethora of questions that have been swirling in their heads. At Homeseed, we use technology to quickly answer these unknowns and empower our clients with the information they need to make the best financial decision possible.   Every one of our purchase clients receives a personalized “Homeseed Buyer Profile”.  This proprietary analysis compares multiple financing types and determines the best loan structure for their situation.  It quickly determines if they are eligible for the purchase price they’ve Requested, and calculates the Maximum purchase price they can qualify for.  It also supplies a Recommended purchase price to keep buyers within their budget.  All of the potential monthly payments and cash needed to close are broken out for each eligibility level. Whether you’re looking to buy a home now, or in a year, tools like this eliminate the initial unknowns and provide transparency into your financial capabilities.  If you would like to receive your free personalized “Homeseed Buyer Profile”, simply click the link below:

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